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Alex Senna
Alex Senna
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Alex Senna is a Brazilian street artist who creates vivid expressions of human love, romance and relationships through minimal black and white illustrations. Colorblind, Alex Senna continuously used one colour in his drawings and sketchbooks, which later reached the city walls, marking the urban setting with a simple and clear emotional visual flavour. Just like the contrast between black and white, he attempts to make opposites meet in as much harmony as possible. 

Self-taught, Alex Senna has been drawing ever since childhood. Never having undergone formal education, comics served as textbooks in his learning process and his teachers were artists of the likes of Moebius, Quino, Charles Burns, David Clowes, Mauricio de Sousa, Walt Disney and Will Eisner. This helped form his style as a mix of many different approaches and emotions, his favourite themes to explore on city walls are daily life, politics, melancholy, and love. He also finds inspiration in the history of the walls he paints on, or in the texture, age, or the architecture of the building. The characters painted on the walls are embodiments of his thoughts and feelings expressed as lanky humans with facial expressions and emotive body language. All the small stories in his street art are interconnected, Alex Senna says, and if one pays close attention, the threads that link them together come to light.

Alex Senna is excited to enter this digital space with his limited NFT collection. 

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“All my work comes from the narrative between my drawings and the streets, it’s a dialogue, fragments of my own life mixed with melancholic illustrations.”