General Non-Commercial IP Licence A

Last updated

22nd April 2022

This licence is a limited non-exclusive copyright licence to use, copy, and display an audio-visual artwork solely for personal non-commercial purposes.

The non-fungible token to which this licence pertains (NFT) represents conditional rights in relation to audio visual material (Artwork).

When you acquire this NFT, you do not acquire the copyright in the Artwork, which remains with its creator. However, you acquire certain limited rights in relation to that Artwork, as set out in this document.

Terms of licence

This NFT represents a limited non-exclusive copyright licence, while you own the NFT, to:

(a) use, copy, and display the Artwork solely for personal non-commercial purposes; and

(b) transfer the NFT between wallets you control or to another person, should you wish to do so, You cannot:
(i) edit or modify the Artwork, or use the Artwork or NFT for any commercial purposes, without permission from the creator of the Artwork; and
(ii) use the Artwork in connection with images of hatred, violent or other unlawful behaviour.


When you transfer this NFT to another person, you also assign all your rights, title and interest associated with this NFT to the owner of the wallet or address to which you transfer that NFT, including this copyright licence; and by doing so, you will cease to have any such rights, title or interest, including such licence, with immediate effect.


The terms of this IP licence are embedded in the metadata of the NFT.