Street Art Goes Digital 

Street Art Goes Digital 

Nicole Crivelli

Artflow NFT has created a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reflecting the real art masterworks of talented, renowned street artists.  Why is it a great idea to purchase these NFTs now? With the crypto prices have fallen to all time lows, and all predictions that popularity of NFTs will surge again within the next 12 months, there has never been a more opportune time to invest and collect high quality digital art NFTs .

Street Art NFT Combo

Imagine seeing a large scale mural on a wall of a building in your city and loving it? Then imagine having the ability to buy that street artwork as a digital animation, that validates authenticity of ownership and benefits the original artists? That’s the scenario created by ArtflowNFT and its parent company Grande Experiences. They have collaborated with a selection of incredibly talented artists and brought their street art to life both as a large scale digital immersive experience called STREET ART ALIVE and as premium digital animated limited edition NFTs.

In the street art world, there are some well known artists that have had their art turned to NFTs as part of this collection including:

D*Face  recognised for his British urban contemporary art and large-scale murals;

ELLE from NYC whose work is evocative, alluring, outrageous, purposeful and informative and is considered one of the top touring artists of the world;

Malarko currently residing in Barcelona, known for his funky, colourful iconic low-brow art;

Alex Senna, Brazilian artist who creates vivid expressions of human love, romance and relationships through black and white illustrations;

Duo Yok & Sheryo currently Bali based, whose artwork is symbiotic with their life of travel and adventure

And there are many more artists as part of the STREET ART ALIVE NFT collection.

What is different about this NFT collection to some other NFT projects is that the parent company behind it, Grande Experiences, has been delivering art and cultural experiences for over15 years, with an incredible global reputation. They are truly supportive of the street artists and their original works, and high quality animations have been created by super talented animators that part of the team. There is no false pumping and buying of followers on Twitter and other social media platforms to give the illusion of mass demand, that is becoming a concerning trend in the NFT space.  Artflow NFT always aims to always deliver its collectors an authentic, premium digital art and support the artists they work with.

STREET ART ALIVE is the name of a large scale multi-sensory digital experience taking visitors on a journey through the laneways and streets of more than 20 cities synonymous with street art including New York, London, Såo Paolo, Melbourne and Berlin.  It is currently showing at THE LUME in Los Angeles until September 2022, with plans for it to tour globally.  Many of the animated artworks are featured, fundamentally allowing NFT buyers to own a slice of the STREET ART ALIVE show, hence the collection bearing the same name.

Bruce Peterson, Founder of Grande Experiences says, “We are proud to showcase these amazing artists and amplify their impact far beyond their home cities.  We could be more excited about STREET ARTALIVE.”

The NFTs are being showcased IRL (in real life)  at the LA venue are on specific NFT screens called Tokenframes that are cast from Artflow’s digital wallet. This not only gives the opportunity to visitors of THE LUME to view the collection but to also get a sense of how a cool piece of animated art, with traceable ownership, could look like hanging on a wall in their own home.


For more information, head to Artflow NFT website, Opensea and other links here.