A Rising Tide
A Rising Tide
A Rising Tide
A Rising Tide

The aphorism “a rising tide raises all ships” stands as a symbol of our times. We are living amidst a rising tide of anti-racism, of feminism and compassion, of Black Lives Matter and environmental awareness. The juxtaposition of a rising tide, of course, is an environmental disaster and means devastation to Miami and elsewhere in the world. The image: a spray paint collage portrays two giant goddesses. They hold us humans in their hands and watch as our choices and actions reveal what our future world will look like.



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Miami, USA

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ELLE’s STREET ART ALIVE NFT collections feature a series of three animated videos of her street art. This high quality NFT digital animation has been created from ELLE’s street art, in collaboration with Reds. This street art has been originally created at Art Basel in Miami. There are strictly 16 limited editions available of “A Rising Tide”

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A Rising Tide




Artflow NFT

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ELLE’s work is evocative, alluring, lavish, outrageous, purposeful and informative. ELLE is considered to be one of the top touring street artists in the world. ELLE’s mural graffiti art portrays her main passions for feminism and protecting the environment. The elements in her pieces are pure visual poetry; powerful females, flowers, animals and classical elements juxtaposed with pop-culture and high fashion imagery, revealing purposefully designed messages to the world. Her other forms of art, such as street posters, reflect the strong, disruptive character of street art in general. ELLE uses every facet of street art to put her mark on the cities she’s visited.

ELLE’s work has been exhibited in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, and as a two hundred foot tall projection onto the façade of the New Museum in New York. Her artwork has been published in over a dozen books on street art along with hundreds of online publications and articles. She has collaborated with and been commissioned by major brands such Reebok, Nike, Asics, and Ikea.

ELLE finished 2020 by painting four large murals for Ralph Lauren in Tribeca NY, a 2,900 square foot painting at the base of the infamous Vessel structure in New York City along the Highline, as well as a four story high tribute painting to Ruth Bader Ginsberg the lower east side, NYC, and 2021 finds ELLE painting her largest piece to date at 10,000 square feet in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

“Brooklyn's ELLE is at the front of a pack of female street and graffiti artists clawing their way into what has historically been a male-run art scene”

In 2022 ELLE is excited to have entered into the NFT space, exhibited alongside Keith Haring and Basquiat inside Kunst Linie Museum in Almere Netherlands, and designed a car wrap and mural in NY for Toyota. ELLE is looking forward to exploring the NFT space further with STREET ART ALIVE.

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New York, USA


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