Dispensing Chemist
Dispensing Chemist
Dispensing Chemist
Dispensing Chemist

Mark Malarko found this spot to be cool because you could see it when you came out the DLR and the shutter was super flat. Mark wanted to paint it like they were big paper cuts or something on the street, directly on the grey of the shutter. It was Sunday and the paint shop was shut. Mark just had those 5 colour and stock caps for the tins, but it turned out to be one of his fave pieces he ever did! Malarko is donating a portion of the primary sale of each NFT from his collection towards supporting artist communities in Barcelona.


Mark Malarko

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Chrisp St Market, London

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A selection of animated artwork pieces have been exclusively curated by Artflow NFT. “Vintage Store” is a high quality digital animation NFT and has 16 limited editions available.

Some of Malarko’s collection is being displayed as part of the STREET ART ALIVE experience.

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Dispensing Chemist




Artflow NFT

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Mark Malarko

Mark Malarko is a British artist commonly known for his iconic low-brow art. Introduced to the world of alternative culture through his years spent as a skateboarder in London during the 90s, Malarko gained notoriety in the noughties for his prolific output of public mural works both sanctioned and unsanctioned. 

It was when Malarko started studying ceramics in Stoke on Trent, London that his work really diversified and became his go-to medium. Malarko has since developed a loose and energetic style that merges traditional techniques with unconventional references to popular culture. He uses found objects on the streets or gypsy markets, stylising his paintings and ceramics to elevate his ideas into something completely refreshing and outspoken. His work slips between the abstract and the familiar, creating a unique and peculiar contemporary visual language. 

Malarko is currently working in Barcelona where there is little government support for artists. He is donating a portion of the primary sale of each NFT from his collection towards supporting artist communities in his area.

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