The heads appearing throughout Gerrard’s work follow the lineage of graffiti characters. These characters were developed to be executed fast and to have maximum impact on the viewer. The men Gerrard paints are representations of the everyday man seen through the eyes of a globe travelling graffiti writer. Guys who are true to who they are and have no interest in keeping up with the latest trends. This mural was on the side of a sunglasses store in an iconic fashion street in Melbourne (Chapel Street, South Yarra), so the characters all have sunglasses.


Tom Gerrard

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Melbourne, AU

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Some of Gerrard’s work is being displayed as part of the STREET ART ALIVE experience.  One of his amazing animated artwork pieces has been created into an NFT, accompanied by music. The high quality digital animation has been created from Tom Gerrard’s street art, and was able to be viewed IRL at Chapel Street, Melbourne AUSTRALIA until July 2022, where Gerrard painted over it with a new mural. There are strictly 16 limited editions available of “Heads”

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Tom Gerrard

Tom Gerrard is an Australian painter, international muralist and active NFT creator whose art focuses on suburban life and the everyday man. Gerrard’s works compress space through bold colours, utilising a signature black outline to frame the illustrations. The heads appearing through his work follow the lineage of graffiti characters, reimagined through the multicultural lens of Gerrard’s youth in Melbourne’s western suburbs, and growing up in a Maltese family. Observation is key to Gerrard’s practice; the architectural elements and domestic objects are taken directly from his environment, both at home and through travel.

Gerrard has travelled extensively throughout his career, painting internationally at mural festivals and also on the streets throughout the Americas, Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. For each of his murals, Gerrard’s passion for bringing out the spirit of place and community has led him to work closely with local people to translate their culture from feelings and words to brush strokes and images.

Gerrard has exhibited in Los Angeles, Barcelona and Tokyo, and his works have been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria. He is an active international muralist, having been commissioned in London, Berlin, Quito and Rio de Janeiro.

Tom created a podcast series called “Bench Talk” where he has done over 150 interviews with different artists, including himself!

Gerrard is an active NFT creator with digital works on SuperRare, MakersPlace and has exhibited in Shanghai, Dublin and Los Angeles. Gerrard is also the co-founder of the artist driven NFT platform NeoPreemo. Gerrard is looking forward to exploring the NFT space further with STREET ART ALIVE.

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Melbourne, Au


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