Pizza Guy
Pizza Guy
Pizza Guy
Pizza Guy

This artwork is a homage to the classic 99c pizza that was/is an Icon to the LES and Brooklyn. There is nothing better after a long night out in NY than getting a few oily hot pepperoni slices on the way home.


Yok & Sheryo

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Brooklyn, USA

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This artwork can still be viewed in real life in the Bushwick neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

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Pizza Guy




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Yok & Sheryo

Yok & Sheryoʼs artwork is symbiotic with their life of travel and adventure.

Their art exists in “Yeahnahnesia,” a fictional tropical island with rich, made-up tales of mythology, deities, philosophies, religion, animals and landscapes and a ton of archaeological treasures yet to be found.

They weave their unique brand of cultural syncretism into irreverent, riotous, mixed-media paintings, murals and sculptures. Most recently, they have been creating frivolous “temples” and “shrines” that provide humorous commentaries on society's mercurial lifestyles

“Yok is originally from Perth and started painting in 1999. He was a key figure in the Perth graffiti and street art scene and helped propel the stylistic traits from graffiti into the context of graphic design and art institutions.

Sheryo is originally from Singapore, with an artistic background in illustration and design. She began painting murals in 2004 and was one of the first globally successful female street artists from Singapore. She then moved to Cambodia, which is where she and Yok first met. He was on a trip to Indonesia and missed his flight back to Australia. A mutual friend who was living in Cambodia introduced them and they painted their first mural together in 2011.

“When they first met in 2011, Yok and Sheryo’s artistic styles were polar opposites. Yok preferred minimalist line drawings while Sheryo spearheaded a loose approach to illustrating characters. As they’ve tackled more and more projects over the years together, they’ve developed a shared visual language that celebrates the wild handstyles of graffiti. Cartoonish figurations can be observed across their demonic cast of characters -- with an aesthetic that merges Yok and Sheryo’s personal experiences growing up in Australia and Singapore, respectively. Source: Hypebeast

The pair were based in New York for 10 years. With street art roots, the duo has exhibited and painted in various countries around the world including ArtScience Museum (Singapore), Gare St.Sauveur (France), Baandam Museum (Thailand), Coney Island Art Walls (USA) , Wynwood Walls (USA) curated by Jeffrey Deitch and “Magic City” (Munich, Dresden and Sweden) curated by Carlo McCormick.

The duo have also appeared in various international publications such as Street Art Today II, Outdoor Gallery, Street Art Now, Magic City, Art from the Streets, “(Un)sanctioned” The Art on New York Streets, Street Art International, Kingbrown Magazine, Juxtapoz, Hypebeast and They have a select Client List including Google, Nike, Adidas, Patron Tequila, Vans, Converse, Facebook, Hypebeast, Billionaire Boys Club, Hurley, Serato, and Mad Decent Records.

Yok and Sheryo have also been earlier adopters of the digital art web3 space, releasing animated digital art as NFTs in mid 2021 and are keen to further explore this area.

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Based in

Bali, Indonesia


Street Art



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